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VetBikes.org builds bikes from donated parts for returning combat wounded and injured rehabilitation efforts. 

Donate high quality new and used parts and bikes today!
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Who is Eligible?

Eligible Veterans reside in the Washington and Colorado State regions and are under VA or DoD care recovering from combat wounds, injuries, PTSD, TBI, homelessness, blindness and VI, and other military traumas. Referrals must use our VetBikes Referral Form (contact us for form) and be filled out by a VA (State or Federal), DoD, or VSO therapist, caseworker, or medical professional stating that the referred Veteran is currently, and has been under their care for a period long enough to determine that the Veteran is showing consistently positive signs of recovery and satisfactory progress in prescribed programs, eligible according to the VetBikes policy stated above, and recommending cycling as a therapy to be part of the Veteran’s recovery profile. This referral also declares that their patient is mentally and physically fit for cycling in public areas, currently lacks the means to procure their own bicycle and without the support of VetBikes would be at risk for not engaging in the recommended cycling therapy.

Company Overview

VetBikes is a Veteran run 501c3 (EIN 47-2835161) non-profit which provides adaptive sports bicycles to recovering Veterans in the Washington and Colorado state areas. While a bicycle can be adapted to meet unique needs of a physically disabled Veteran, the vast majority of our referrals and requests come from disabilities we can’t see, and don’t always require a bike heavily adapted to help in the treatment of their disability. VetBikes is dedicated to cycling sport therapy and offers recovering Disabled Veterans a path where the supported Veterans can rise, and have risen, from introductory levels to international competition. We provide a comprehensive program offering bicycle ownership, placement with local cycling clubs for community integration, sporting mentors, professional mechanical instruction, and an introductory path to a career in the cycling industry. Our mission is proudly supported by a wide range of sponsors and partner organizations.
VetBikes takes referrals for Disabled Veterans recovering from combat wounds, injuries, PTSD, TBI, homelessness, blindness and VI, and other military traumas. VetBikes receives requests and fills them in all these categories, however the majority of our referrals from VA professionals, by far, are for Disabled Veterans being treated for PTSD (the bulk of our recovering homelessness requests), and other military traumas. We are structured to create custom bicycles to meet this demand. Case workers, MD’s, PhD’s, and social workers associated with the VA have made these referrals for bikes customized by VetBikes for cycling therapy. We have placed hand cycles, tandems, recumbents, and upright bikes. While many of our bikes look like regular bikes (with small modifications), they are treating a disability. The unique aspect of VetBikes is bicycle ownership. This means the referring VA professional knows the therapy bike will be available to the Disabled Veteran at all times, not loaned, not a one day event, but owned and used regularly for healing, reliably, forever.

General Information

Washington State Combined Fund Drive, Sponsored by REDLINE Bicycles, FSA - Full Speed Ahead, Vision, Paragon Machine Works, Stevenson Custom Bicycles, Siteisfy, Center Cycle, Human Body Works Massage Therapy. We accept parts, bikes, and monetary donations anytime: Our donation booths in Seattle are located at MFG Cyclocross and Seattle Cyclocross races as well as Highlands Ranch Community Association Events or we will make arrangements to come and pick it up at your convenience.
Founded on May 15, 2012
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